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If you only had one day to experience Naturns and environs, what would you do?

Beate: (thinking) I would most definitely take the Unterstell cable car to the top. From there, 1,300 metres above sea level, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Naturns and the surrounding mountains. There are also many hiking tracks and great opportunities to take a break. When making a stop at one of the alpine huts, I would certainly enjoy a Hugo. At our hotel, we have the original. Yet, you can also get a sense of South Tyrolean lifestyle when taking your e-bike to the Naturno Mountain Hut. As a perfect end to this day, I would recommend a Kaiserschmarrn at the cosy Schwalbennest inn.

What do you like best about South Tyrol?

Beate: There’s so much: I love the weather, the many sunny days, the mild climate. I also enjoy the variety of nature as well as the good food – this combination of South Tyrolean and Mediterranean cuisine. I love the feeling of life here, the friendly and open people, and, of course, the Italian flair.

You just mentioned the South Tyrolean and Mediterranean cuisine – what is your favourite meal?

Beate: Kaiserschmarrn, if possible from the Schwalbennest inn in Naturns! I also love hearty bacon dumplings or tender tagliata with a fresh Mediterranean salad.

What do you think makes a perfect holiday?

Beate: A feel-good atmosphere, comfort, and a sense of leisure. Most certainly: lightness. This is probably most important – but also good food and a glass of wine to be enjoyed with friends in vivid ambience or, even better, under the stars. We have this and more on offer at Hotel Levita in South Tyrol.

What are your wishes for the future?

Beate: I hope we can spoil our guests at the hotel for a long time – and that South Tyrol will also be able to maintain its feel-good charm in future. I hope that we can maintain and protect unspoilt nature. I want to enjoy life, use my time to make a difference, and live a life in harmony with myself and nature.

The Hotel Levita in South Tyrol



from € 485
per person in double room
27.07. – 31.08.2019 | 7 nights

3 days of warmth in the sun of South Tyrol

from € 223
per person in double room
27.07. – 31.08.2019 | 3 nights

Golden autumn for hiking and biking

from € 485
per person in double room
01.09. – 19.10.2019 | 7 nights
  • 2 guided hikes
  • 1 bike shuttle to Resia
  • Free bike rental
  • 1 partial massage
  • All Levita inclusive services