A drink conquers the world.

Hugo from Naturns

Where does the name “Hugo” come from?

Roland: (laughing) This is such a random story. One night, we were enjoying a couple of drinks in my bar, San Zeno, trying to find a name for the new cocktail we just created. It was more difficult than we imagined. All of a sudden, one of us ran out of patience and said: “You could just as well name it Hugo!” And that was it. Hugo from Naturns could have also become an Otto. Hugo was just the funnest name we could come up with!

Were you surprised by how famous the drink became?

Roland: Absolutely. Who would have ever thought that our Hugo would make it beyond the borders of Naturns or South Tyrol? Now it is known throughout and even outside Europe. It is like a dream come true.

Do you drink Hugo yourself?

Roland: (smiling) To be honest, I rarely drink Hugo.

What is Hugo’s secret of success?

Roland: I think there are many reasons for its success, one of them being the catchy name. Hugo is a name people remember. And, of course, there’s the taste: Hugo is refreshing, light, and low in alcohol. The fresh mint has a cooling effect, which makes it the perfect summer drink.

What is the original Hugo recipe?

Roland: Originally, we used sweet balm. Today, there are many different variations. It also tastes delicious with elderberry – though the traditional version still includes sweet balm.

Are you already working on a new creation? Maybe a Walter or Robert?

Roland: I haven’t planned anything yet. But who knows what future keeps in store for us. Anything’s possible.

The recipe - directly from the professional:

15 cl Prosecco
2cl elderflower syrup
a splash of mineral water
2 lime slices
4 leaves of fresh mint leaves
ice cubes

For your perfect Hugo, it is best to use a bulbous glass with a stem. First fill the elderflower syrup and then fill the glass with Prosecco and a dash of mineral water. Finally, add the lime slices, fresh mint and ice cubes. We wish sparkling moments. Salute!