A drink conquers the world.

Hugo from Naturns

Where does the name “Hugo” come from?

Roland: (laughing) This is such a random story. One night, we were enjoying a couple of drinks in my bar, San Zeno, trying to find a name for the new cocktail we just created. It was more difficult than we imagined. All of a sudden, one of us ran out of patience and said: “You could just as well name it Hugo!” And that was it. Hugo from Naturns could have also become an Otto. Hugo was just the funnest name we could come up with!

Were you surprised by how famous the drink became?

Roland: Absolutely. Who would have ever thought that our Hugo would make it beyond the borders of Naturns or South Tyrol? Now it is known throughout and even outside Europe. It is like a dream come true.

Do you drink Hugo yourself?

Roland: (smiling) To be honest, I rarely drink Hugo.

What is Hugo’s secret of success?

Roland: I think there are many reasons for its success, one of them being the catchy name. Hugo is a name people remember. And, of course, there’s the taste: Hugo is refreshing, light, and low in alcohol. The fresh mint has a cooling effect, which makes it the perfect summer drink.

What is the original Hugo recipe?

Roland: Originally, we used sweet balm. Today, there are many different variations. It also tastes delicious with elderberry – though the traditional version still includes sweet balm.

Are you already working on a new creation? Maybe a Walter or Robert?

Roland: I haven’t planned anything yet. But who knows what future keeps in store for us. Anything’s possible.

The recipe - directly from the professional:

15 cl Prosecco
2cl elderflower syrup
a splash of mineral water
2 lime slices
4 leaves of fresh mint leaves
ice cubes

For your perfect Hugo, it is best to use a bulbous glass with a stem. First fill the elderflower syrup and then fill the glass with Prosecco and a dash of mineral water. Finally, add the lime slices, fresh mint and ice cubes. We wish sparkling moments. Salute!

Wappen von Naturns
Unterkunft in Naturns
Hugo - Die Erfindung in Südtirol
Bikeurlaub Südtirol
The Naturno coat of arms.
Wappen von Naturns
The village
of Naturns.

The Naturno coat of arms can be traced back to a noble family of the region. It shows a golden triangle against a blue background, which today mainly stands for one thing: holiday enjoyment in one of the most unspoilt regions of South Tyrol. Numerous attractive cycling tracks and the nearby town of Merano await. Experience living culture with all your senses ­– such as at a traditional event, in one of the excellent restaurants in and around Naturns, or in the architecture shaping the unique townscape. Book now and go on your personal discovery tour!

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Your accommodation in Naturno.
Unterkunft in Naturns
Your accommodation
in the fascinating world
of Merano and environs.

Are you in need of a holiday? Our Levita hotel is your resort at the heart of Naturns. We are situated in a quiet residential quarter and offer you a relaxed holiday to be enjoyed without any constraints and responsibilities. Our rooms are bright and bathed in sunlight. The wooden décor makes you feel like home, while our quality service ensures that you must worry only about one thing: how to enjoy your precious time. You may choose between our panorama suite, junior suite, and our two twin room types.

Relaxing in South Tyrol
Hugo - Die Erfindung in Südtirol
with Hugo.

Simply relax on our comfortable sun beds between palms and mountains. Enjoy peace all day long, because this is what our garden with beach atmosphere is made for. Soak in the sun and renew your energy for the exciting days in the Merano region ahead of you. Sip our homemade cocktails or enjoy a refreshing Hugo, indulging in the Italian dolce far niente for as long and as often as you wish. This is your holiday after all! By the way: Did you know that the popular Hugo summer drink was created in Naturns, South Tyrol? If you want to know more about the refreshing creation and its origins, click here: Cheers!

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We are the hotel in Naturns, South Tyrol fully dedicated to the bicycle. This is hardly surprising, considering the Merano region and, in fact, all South Tyrol are a true paradise for bikers of all sorts, attracting bike enthusiasts from across the world with its diverse challenges. No matter if you ride the mountain bike, road bike, or an e-bike, we have a lot for you to discover. And what is best about our Levita Hotel is that we offer bikes to rent for free! E-bikes are available for a small charge. We also provide you with tools, a wash station, and storage facilities for your own bike.

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