My hotel in Naturns in South Tyrol

Dream destination: Naturns.

In our hotel in Naturns, we like to celebrate life by spreading warmth, the joy of living and energy. Accompanied by sunshine and happiness. Topped off with Italian dolce vita, which here meets South Tyrolean lightness and – of course – plenty of comfort. Levita, lightness: this is not just the name of our hotel in Naturns, but the lived promise to your holidays in South Tyrol. This is where you can enjoy life with ease, free of any constraints, and in your own rhythm. Look forward to some active days amid a fascinating mountain world, to mountain bike adventures with guided tours, to vineyards, apple orchards and pure joie de vivre. Book now and enjoy South Tyrol – in your Levita Hotel in Naturns.

The highlight of
your holiday in
South Tyrol: our
wellness area.
This is nature, a life-
style, and pure enjoy-
ment – between
tradition and modernity.
The Levita News

The Hotel Levita in South Tyrol


Apfelblüte zu Ostern

from € 315
pro Person im DZ Venia
13.04. – 04.05.2019 | 5 Nächte

4 Tage ausspannen 3 bezahlen

from € 236
pro Person im DZ Venia
04.05. – 25.05.2019 | 4 Nächte
  • Vitalfrühstück bis 10.30 Uhr
  • 1 Teilmassage
  • 1 Aromaölmassage
  • Freie Fahrt mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln
  • Alle Levita Inklusivleistungen

Blumenduft liegt in der Luft 7=6

from € 318
pro Person im DZ Venia
04.05. – 25.05.2019 | 7 Nächte
  • Mit Vitalfrühstück
  • Inklusive Merancard
  • Kostenlose Nutzung von Bahn und Bus
  • Und Eintritt in über 90 Museen
  • Alle Levita Inklusivleistungen